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How to Show or Hide the Toolbar (Ribbon) in Excel

This tutorial demonstrates how to show or hide the toolbar in Excel.


show toolbar ribbon 9


Auto-Hide Ribbon

In Excel, you can hide the Ribbon using Ribbon Display Options.

  1. In the top-right corner, next to the minimize button, there is the Ribbon Display Options button.


show toolbar ribbon 1


  1. To hide the Ribbon, click on Ribbon Display Options, then on Auto-hide Ribbon.


show toolbar ribbon 3


Now the Ribbon is hidden.


show toolbar ribbon 6


With the auto-hide setting applied, you can display tabs briefly by clicking on the three horizontal dots in the top right corner next to Ribbon Display Options, or you can press ALT.


show toolbar ribbon 8


Show Tabs

Auto-hide Ribbon hides all Ribbon tabs. To display them again, click on Ribbon Display Options and Show Tabs.


show toolbar ribbon 4


By doing this, you return only tabs and not commands.


show toolbar ribbon 5


Show Tabs and Commands

To show tabs and commands, click on Ribbon Display Options and then Show Tabs and Commands.


show toolbar ribbon 7


Now tabs and commands are shown in the Ribbon.


show toolbar ribbon initial


There are a few other options to customize the Ribbon, including the use of VBA code.

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