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Access VBA Recordsets – Open, Count, Loop and More

In this tutorial, we will learn how to open a Recordset, count the number of records in the Recordset, loop through the Recordset, add a record, update a record, read a value from a record, and delete a record.

We have an Access Table, called ProductsT shown below:

Source Data Table

Opening a Recordset

We first need to establish the database we intend to use, in this case it is the currently opened database. We can then use the CurrentDB.OpenRecordSet method to open/create our Recordset.

In order to create a Recordset that will allow us to manipulate the data in the table called ProductsT, we would use the following code:

Counting the number of Records using VBA

Once you have created a Recordset, you would more than likely want to do something useful with it or manipulate the data in it in some way. You can count the number of records in your dataset (in this case the table called ProductsT) using the following code:

Counting the number of records in a Recordset using Access VBA

Looping through a RecordSet using VBA

The following code loops through our RecordSet:

Adding a record to a RecordSet

Use the Recordset.AddNew method to add a new record to the RecordSet:

The result is:

Updating a Recordset

You have to use the Recordset.AddNew or Recordset.Edit method. After this statement you must use the Recordset.Update method in order to keep the changes.



Reading Values from a Record

You have to use the Recordset.FindFirst method to make a record, the current record. You then have to use Recordset.Fields to specify which field to look at.

The result is:

Reading Record Values from a Recordset

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Deleting a Record from a Recordset

In order to delete a record from a Recordset you have to first make it the current record using the Recordset.FindFirst method. You can then delete it using the Recordset.Delete method. The following code shows how to delete record 2 in the data set:

The result is:

Deleting a Record from a Recordset