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How to Write Paragraphs in Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial demonstrates how to write paragraphs in Excel and Google Sheets.


paragraphs how to intro


Write Paragraphs

Write With Line Breaks

When you type text into a cell that runs over into the adjacent cell, and the right adjacent cell is empty, then the text will normally flow into the empty space. To confine the text to a single cell, size the cell accordingly and wrap the text.


paragraphs wrap text


To continue typing in the same cell with a second paragraph, insert a line break into the cell.

  1. Type the first paragraph, then press ALT + ENTER to insert a line break. If you wish to insert a blank line between the paragraphs, press ALT+ENTER again.


paragraphs cursor


  1. Type in the second paragraph in your cell.


paragraphs second para


  1. Press ALT + ENTER twice once again and then type the third paragraph into your cell.


paragraphs third para


  1. When you press ENTER, the height of the cell will size accordingly.

Note: Instead of typing directly into the cell, you can expand the formula bar by dragging the bottom of the formula bar down, and then type directly into the formula bar.


paragraphs formula bar


Text Box

An alternative way to create paragraphs in Excel is to insert a text box and type in that.

  1. In the Ribbon, select Insert > Text > Text Box.


paragraphs insert text box


  1. Click and drag to draw a text box in your worksheet.


paragraphs draw textbox


  1. You can now type in the text box using just the ENTER key to separate the individual paragraphs of text .


paragraphs text box paragraphs


  1. If there’s too much text to fit, size the text box using the handles around the box.


paragraphs text box re size


  1. You can also use a right-hand handle to increase the width of the text box.


paragraphs text box right handle


Write Paragraphs in Google Sheets

Google Sheets also uses ALT + ENTER to put multiple lines into a cell and create paragraphs.


paragraphs gs multi paragraph


As with Excel, if you wish to view the entire paragraph in the formula bar, increase the size of the formula bar by dragging the bottom border down.


paragraphs gs formula bar


Text Box

To insert a text box into Google Sheets, create a Drawing.

  1. In the Menu, select Insert > Drawing.


paragraphs gs insert drawing


  1. Select the Text box icon and drag to create a text box.


paragraphs gs create textbox


  1. Type the paragraphs.


paragraphs gs drawing


  1. Click Save and Close to return to the worksheet.


paragraphs gs text box

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