How to Split a Cell Diagonally in Excel

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Mel Jenkins

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Last updated on October 28, 2022

This tutorial shows how to divide cells diagonally in Excel.


excel split cell example


Insert a Shape

You can divide a single cell diagonally in Excel by inserting a right triangle shape into the cell.

  1. In the Ribbon, choose Insert > Shapes > Right Triangle.


excel split cell insert shape


  1. Hold down the ALT key on the keyboard and draw the triangle in the cell.
    Holding ALT makes the triangle snap to cell boundaries.


excel split cell insert triangle


  1. Right-click the triangle and choose Edit Text.


excel split cell insert edit text


  1. Enter the desired text. If the text does not fit properly, widen the column and the triangle should automatically adjust to the width of the column.


excel split cell insert text


  1. Right-click on the triangle and then select Fill. Choose from Theme Colors to change the background color.


excel split cell insert edit fill


  1. Right-click the triangle and choose Size and Properties.


excel split cell triangle properties


  1. To change the color of the text in the triangle, choose Home > Font > Font Color in the Ribbon.


excel split cell text color


Tip: You can also change the fill of the triangle by clicking Home > Font > Fill Color.

  1. To type the second half of the cell, click the cell (outside the triangle) and type the text you want.


excel split cell text insert


  1. Press ENTER, and the text disappears behind the triangle.


excel split cell text disappear


  1. In the Ribbon, select Home > Alignment and change the vertical alignment of the text to top and the horizontal alignment to right.


excel split cell text alignment


  1. Format the cell with the desired background and text color.


excel split cell text final


Insert Diagonal Frame

Alternatively, you can insert a diagonal frame into the cell to split the text.

  1. Select the cell to be split and enter the desired text with a space between the words.


excel split cell border text


  1. In the Ribbon, choose Home > Font > Format Cells, and then choose the Alignment tab to change the alignment of the cell. Change the horizontal alignment to Distributed (Indent) and the vertical alignment to Center.


excel split cell alignment


  1. Select the Borders tab and click the appropriate border to split the cell diagonally.


excel split cell border diagonal


  1. If you want to change the color of the cell, click the Fill tab, and then click Fill Effects.


excel split cell fill color


  1. Click OK to apply the effect.


excel split cell final

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