Conditional Formatting – Highlight Duplicates in a Range

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Conditional Formatting – Highlight Duplicates

To highlight all duplicate values in a range you will use Excel’s Conditional Formatting feature. Simply follow these steps:
1. Select the range containing the duplicate values. Note: if working with a table of data, only select the unique IDs.
2. Open the Conditional Formatting Menu and select Highlight Duplicates (Alt > H > L > H > D)

Find and Highlight All Duplicates in Range with VBA

Update: Depending on your intention, the code below may no longer be necessary. As discussed above, the same can be accomplished using Excel’s Conditional Formatting feature. However, you may still find this functionality useful to find duplicate values when working within VBA.

The following subroutine will highlight all the duplicate values in range in yellow. It does not matter whether the values are text or numbers. It uses Excel’s COUNTIF function to count up the duplicates and then sets the colour to yellow:

duplicates in range

and then if we press the button we see all the duplicates:

duplicates in range v2

To download the .XLS file with this tutorial, click here

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