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How to Filter by Date in Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial demonstrates how to filter by date in Excel and Google Sheets.


filterbydate intro


Apply Single Date Filter

  1. Click within your table of data and then, in the Ribbon, select Home > Editing > Filter.


filterbydate ribbon


  1. Click on the filter drop down in your date field.


filterbydate date field


  1. All available dates are selected. Click on the (Select All) check box to deselect all the records in your table.


filterbydate select all


  1. Now, you can expand any years that appear to show the months within the years by clicking on the plus (+) sign next to each year. Once expanded, this changes to a minus (-) sign.


filterbydate expand month


  1. Each of the months also have a plus sign next to them indicating that you can drill down even further to show individual dates.


filterbydate expand day


  1. Click on an individual day and then click OK to filter by that date.


filterbydate filtered single date


Clear Date Filter

To show all the records again, either select Clear Filter from Transaction Date or click (Select All) and then click OK.


filterbydate clear filter



In the Ribbon, select Home > Editing > Filter > Clear.


filterbydate ribbon clear


This clears any filters that are set in your table of data.

Apply Filter to Multiple Dates

  1. Click on the filter drop down in your date field. and then select Date Filters.


filterbydate date filters


  1. You can now select from a variety of pre-set filters. Select Last Month.


filterbydate last month


  1. You now see only the records that have a date within the last month.


filterbydate last month filtered


  1. Clear the filter, and then, select Between.


filterbydate custom


  1. Select the Start and End Dates and then click OK.


filterbydate custom filtered


Filter by Date in Google Sheets

Filtering by date in Google Sheets is slightly different from Excel.

  1. To apply a filter, in the Menu, select Data > Create a filter.


filterbydate gs menu


  1. When you select the drop down next to your date field, you can see that each individual date is listed. You can click clear to remove the check marks against each individual date.


filterbydate gs filter


  1. Then select an individual date and click OK.


filterbydate gs one date


  1. You can also filter by condition. Click Select All to remove the filter, and then select Filter by condition and then Date is


filterbydate gs date is


  1. Select in the past month, and then click OK to apply the filter.


filterbydate gs date last month

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