Print Selected Worksheets on One Page in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on August 21, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to print selected worksheets on one page in Excel and Google Sheets.

fit sheet intro

Adjust Page Setup

You might have a worksheet that needs to fit on a single page but when you go to Print Preview, or to Page Break Preview, automatic page breaks are created as the worksheet is too big to fit onto one page.

  1. To view the page breaks, click the Page Break Preview button in the bottom-right corner of your screen, or in the Ribbon, go to View > Page Break Preview.

    In the Ribbon, in the Page Layout tab, the Scale value in Scale to Fit is 100%. This means that no scaling has been applied and Excel inserts the page breaks automatically.
    However, you can adjust the scaling of the worksheet to force it to print on only one page.

print multiple sheets page break preview multiple

  1. In the Ribbon, go to Page Setup > Scaling > Width > 1 Page.

fit sheet width

  1. This fits all the columns to one page. Now go to Page Setup > Scaling > Height > 1 page.

fit sheet height

Without adjusting column widths, this guarantees that all columns print on one page. Any page breaks that were on the sheet disappear. Still in Page Break Preview, you’ll see the blue lines around the data in the worksheet, indicating that there’s now only one page instead of the four pages previously shown.

print multiple sheets Page Break Preview

Alternatively, to achieve the same result, in the Ribbon, go to File > Print > Settings > Fit Sheet on One Page.

fit sheet fit to one page

This automatically sizes the text in the worksheet so that all the rows and columns fit onto one page in the printout.

Print Multiple Worksheets on Individual Sheets

If you have multiple worksheets in your workbook, all of which need scaling to fit on an individual page each, you can select the sheets as a group and then adjust the scaling for all of them together.

  1. Right-click the sheet tabs and click Select All Sheets.
    This groups the worksheets together. Now, when you adjust any formatting or setup, it applies to all of the selected sheets instead of just one of them.

fit sheet select all sheets

  1. Adjust the scaling as described above to fit one sheet wide and one sheet tall, or in Preview mode, to Fit Sheet on One Page.

Each worksheet now fits on a single page.

fit sheet multiple

Print Selected Google Sheets on One Page

You can’t select multiple sheets in Google Sheets, but you can scale a single sheet to print to one page.

  1. In the File menu, go to Print to show the Page Setup options available.

page setup gs menu

  1. In the drop down to the right of Scale, choose Fit to Page.

fit sheet GS fit to one page

Print Preview shows the selected Google sheet all on one page.

fit sheet GS preview

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