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Last updated on February 22, 2023

Select Every 5th Row

Imagine that we have 20,000 rows of data in an Excel spreadsheet:

vba every other row

However, what about if you wanted to cut this data down such as take every 5th row ? This article shows how it can be done. The Row() function gives the number of each row:

vba select rows

The Mod Function allows us to perform modulo arithmetic:


Gives the remainder when “Number” is divided by “Divisor”. So for example:


Will give 3 the remainder when 28 is divided by 5.
So we can look at the row number and see what happens when we perform modulo arithmetic on it:


i.e consider the remainder when the row number is divided 5. If the remainder is 0 then put a 1 in the cell otherwise put a zero. For convenience I have hardcoded the row numbers in the above table . Now we insert additional column to work out when this happens. The formulae will be the modula formulae as above:

rows in vba

We see that rows that have row numbers that are divisible by 5 have modulo 1. If we now FILTER the data to show only the 1’s:


If we now select Visible Cells only and then copy this data only, we have our subset of our data.

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