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Copy Table to Word & Fit Page From Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial demonstrates how to copy a table from Excel or Google Sheets to Word and fit to one page.


copytable word final


Copy a Table to One Page in Word

If you wish to copy a large table from Excel to Word, you need to adjust the layout of the table to ensure that all the columns fit on the Word document page.

  1. Select your entire table in Excel and then, in the Ribbon, go to Home > Clipboard > Copy or press on the keyboard.


copytable excel copy


  1. Create a new Word document, and then, in the Ribbon, go to Home > Clipboard > Paste or press CTRL + V on the keyboard.


copytable word ribbon


  1. Your table is placed into the Word document, but the table data is cut off on the right side of the document if it is too big to fit onto the page.


copytable word paste


  1. First, change the Page Layout to Landscape. In the Ribbon, go to Layout > Page Setup > Orientation > Landscape.


copytable word layout


  1. Then, while the table is selected (you can just click in the table to select it), in the Ribbon, go to the Table Layout tab (note this tab only appears when your cursor is in the table). Now, go to Cell Size > AutoFit > AutoFit Window.


copy word layout autofit


  1. Your table is resized to fit on to the Word page.

Copy a Table to One Page in Word From Google Sheets

  1. Select your entire table in Google Sheets, and then, in the Menu, go to Edit > Copy or press CTRL + C on the keyboard.


copytable gs copy


  1. Follow the same steps as shown in the Excel section above to paste and adjust the table layout in Word.


copytable word final

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