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How to Copy Word Table to Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial demonstrates how to copy word table to Excel and Google Sheets.


copywordtable intro


Copy Table From Word to Excel

It is simple to copy a table of data from a Word document to Excel and means that you do not have to retype the data!

  1. In the Word document, select the whole table by clicking in the top-right corner of the table on the small black cross.


copy word table copy


  1. Then, in the Word Ribbon, go to Home > Clipboard > Copy or press CTRL + C on the keyboard.


copy word table ribbon


  1. Switch to Excel and click where you wish your table to be copied to.
  2. Then, in the Excel Ribbon, go to Home > Clipboard > Paste or press CTRL + V on the keyboard. This automatically pastes the table with any formatting included and without splitting the cells.


copywordtable paste with format


  1. To copy just the data in the table, choose to Match Destination Formatting.


copywordtable paste no format


Copy Table From Word to Google Sheets

  1. Once again, in the Word document, select your whole table.
  1. In the Word Ribbon, go to Home > Clipboard > Copy or press CTRL + C on the keyboard.
  2. Switch to your Google sheet, and then, in the Menu, go to Edit > Paste.


copywordtable gs paste


  1. If you only want to paste the values, you can choose to Paste values only in the bottom-right corner of the table. You can also paste just the format.


copywordtable gs paste values


  1. If you have pasted a column that contains a date, it pastes it as a value. You need to format that column in Google Sheets for date.
  2. In the Menu, go to Format > Number > Date.


copywordtable gs format date

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