How to Change Orientation to Landscape in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on January 23, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to change the page orientation from portrait to landscape in Excel and Google Sheets.


change-orientation worksheet landscape 14


Change the Page Orientation to Landscape

Landscape mode means the worksheet prints parallel to the long edge. Changing the orientation to landscape makes the page wider than it is tall and allows more columns to be viewed on a single page. In this example, you need to change the mode from portrait to landscape to fit the whole picture on a single page.

  1. In the Ribbon, go to Page Layout > Orientation > Landscape.


change orientation worksheet landscape 13


  1. To see how it would look when printed, from the Ribbon, go to File > Print (or use the CTRL + P shortcut).


change orientation worksheet landscape 3


As a result, the worksheet is in landscape mode. In this example, that means that picture won’t get cut off and printed on two different pages. Instead, it fits on one page.


change-orientation worksheet landscape 14


Change the Orientation to Landscape in Google Sheets

  1. To change orientation to landscape, in the Menu, go to File > Print, or use the CTRL + P shortcut.


change orientation worksheet landscape 16


  1. In the Print Setting window, under Page orientation choose Landscape mode.


change orientation worksheet landscape 21


As a result of the steps above, the Google sheet is in landscape mode. In this example, if you print this picture in portrait mode, it gets cut off and printed on two separate pages. By choosing landscape, this can be avoided; the picture fits on one page.


change orientation worksheet landscape 19

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