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How to Take a Screenshot – Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial will demonstrate how to take a screenshot in Excel and Google Sheets.


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There are many ways you can copy your screen in Excel. You can download some screenshot software which will enable you to capture parts of your screen, use the built-in functionality that comes with Windows to print your entire screen, or use the functionality in Excel to print a section of your worksheet.

Print Screen or Alt Print Screen

Windows has the ability to print your entire screen, or a portion of your screen. You can press PRT SC (Print Screen) on your keyboard to copy your entire screen to the clipboard – this would include anything that is shown on your screen at the time including the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

To only grab a screenshot of the Active Window you can press ALT + PRT SC on the keyboard. This is useful if you have sized your Excel screen so that it does not take up your entire screen. Only the active window is copied as a screenshot onto the clipboard.


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Copy as a Picture

In addition to PRT SC and ALT + PRT SC, Excel has the ability to copy a cell or range of cells as a picture.

  1. Select the range of cells you wish to copy to a picture, and then, in the Ribbon, select Home > Clipboard > Copy > Copy as Picture.


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  1. In the Copy Picture dialog box, you can either select As shown on screen, or As shown when printed under the Appearance options. The As shown when printed option will not copy any gridlines that are visible on the area of the screen you have copied, while the As shown on screen will copy the gridlines.


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If you select As shown on screen, then you can select either a Picture or Bitmap format. If you select As shown when printed, then this option is not available.

  1. Click OK to create the screenshot. The screenshot is saved to the Clipboard.
  1. Select where you want the screenshot to go – e.g., in a Word document, or on the Excel screen – and then click Paste or press CTRL + V on the keyboard. The screenshot will then be pasted as a graphic.


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How to Take a Screenshot in Google Sheets

You can use PRT SC and ALT + PRT SC in Google Sheets in the same way as you do in Excel.