Embed a File (Object, Email, etc.) in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on January 11, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to embed a file (such as an object, email, or document) in Excel and Google Sheets.


embed file 10


Embed an Object in a Worksheet

To make content that is created in another program available in Excel, you can use Object Linking and Embedding.

  1. In the Ribbon go to Insert > Object (from the Text group).


embed file 1


  1. This opens an Object dialog box. Click on the Create from File tab, and then Browse.


embed file 2


  1. After you click on Browse, a new window opens. Select the file you want to attach. When you are done, click on the Insert button.


embed file 7


After that, the chosen file is displayed in your worksheet. After you add a file or icon you can drag and drop it anywhere on the worksheet or resize it by using the resizing handles.


embed file 4


Display Embedded Object as an Icon

  1. To display the embedded object as an icon in the Ribbon go to Insert > Object (from the Text group).


embed file 1


  1. After the Object dialog box is opened, click on the Create from File tab, then Browse.


embed file 8


  1. After the Browse Window opens, choose the file you want to attach and click the Insert button.


embed file 7


  1. The Object window appears again. Check Display as icon and click OK button.


embed file 8


As a result of this, the embedded file is displayed in the worksheet as an icon.


embed file 10


Link to File

If you click on the Link to file option, you embed the link that leads to the file that exists on your device. If someone else tries to open that link from another device, it won’t be possible.


embed file 11


Embed Other Objects

In this example, a Word document was inserted; using the same steps, you can attach an email, MS Graph Chart, MS PowerPoint presentation or slides, and much more. To see everything you can attach, when you open an Object dialog box, click on Create New, and below Object type, you have a drop-down list with all objects you can attach.


embed file 5


Create a New Embedded Object From Inside Excel

If you don’t want to leave your worksheet and you have to create a new object based on another program, you can do that.

  1. In the Ribbon go to Insert > Object (from Text group).


embed file 1


  1. When Object Window opens, (1) click on Create New, from the drop-down menu (2) choose the file you want to embed. If you want to display this object as an icon (3) choose Display as icon option and when you are done (4) click OK.


embed file 12


  1. A graph chart opens and in the datasheet, you can change data. All changes update accordingly.


embed file 14


When you are done with data entry, as a result, you have the file icon in your worksheet.


embed file 15


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Unfortunately, Google Sheets does not have this feature, but you can always paste a link in the sheet to that file and when you click on the link, the file opens in another browser tab.

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