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How to Drag and Drop Pictures into Excel

In this tutorial you will learn how to drag and drop pictures from external sources into Excel.


drag and drop picture 1


Drag and Drop Pictures

Windows Explorer and MS Word

You can try to drag and drop a picture from Windows Explorer. Doing that, you see that the pointer has a plus sign next to it. This makes it appear as though the picture you are dragging is going to be added to the worksheet, but in the end, nothing happens. That’s because Excel doesn’t support dragging and dropping the picture in a worksheet from Windows Explorer.

However, you can use Microsoft Word as a workaround. Word does allow you to copy pictures that way, so just drag the picture you want to insert into Word first, then drag it into Excel.


drag and drop picture 1


Web Browser

You can drag and drop pictures from web browser, to do that just select wanted picture from web and drag and drop it in Excel worksheet.


drag and drop picture 2