How to Email Excel or Google Sheets Spreadsheet

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Last updated on June 21, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to email an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet.

email excel file 3

Enable Email Functionality

In Excel, you can share a file via email (in whole or in part), either as an attachment or as part of the body.

To send a workbook via email, first add the email icon to the quick access toolbar.

  1. Click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon in the Toolbar and choose More Commands…

enable email functionality excel 1

  1. In the Excel Options window, choose All Commands from the Choose commands from drop-down list.

enable email functionality excel 2

  1. Select Send to Mail Recipient in the list, click Add, and then click OK.

enable email functionality excel 3

Now the email icon is in the quick access toolbar.

enable email functionality excel 4

Send Workbook as Attachment

To send an entire workbook in an email attachment, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the email icon in the toolbar.

email excel file 1

  1. In the pop-up window, select Send the entire workbook as an attachment, and click OK.

email excel file 2

  1. As a result, the email is opened in your default email client with your workbook in the attachment. Now, just enter a recipient and email body to complete the email.

email excel file 3

Send Part of a Worksheet in the Body

You can also send a worksheet (or a range of cells) in the body of an email. Say you want to send only the range B1:F10 of a spreadsheet.

  1. Select the range of cells you want to send (B1:F10) and click on the email icon in the toolbar.

email part of the worksheet 1

  1. In the pop-up window, select Send the current sheet as the message body and click OK.

email part of the worksheet 2

  1. When the email window opens, the entire worksheet is inserted into the body. If you want to send only selected cells, click Send this Selection. After that, just add the recipient’s email address and send.

email part of the worksheet 2

Send Google Sheet as Email Attachment

In Google Sheets, you can’t send a worksheet or a specific range of cells in an email, but you can send an entire file in the attachment as a PDF, Open Office Spreadsheet, or Excel file.

  1. From the Menu, go to File > Email > Email this file.

google sheets email the file

  1. In the Email this file window, enter (1) the recipient’s email address, (2) the subject, and (3) the message body. From the drop down, (4) choose a file type and (5) click Send.

google sheets email the file 2

This sends your spreadsheet as an attachment, in the format you previously chose.

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