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There are three different WindowSates that a worksheet can have; Minimized, Maximized, and Normal. You can set the window state with one of these lines of code:

ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlMinimized

ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlMaximized

ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlNormal

And of course, once you can program a visual element you can throw in a loop and create an “animated effect”. The following would be an interesting effect possibly when unhiding a worksheet.

This macro will gradually resize a worksheet from small to Maximized, making the worksheet appear to be growing:

Sub SheetGrow()

Dim x As Integer

With ActiveWindow

    .WindowState = xlNormal

    .Top = 1

    .Left = 1

    .Height = 50

    .Width = 50


    For x = 50 To Application.UsableHeight

    .Height = x

    Next x


    For x = 50 To Application.UsableWidth

    .Width = x

    Next x


    .WindowState = xlMaximized

End With

End Sub

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