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Copy Data From One Cell to Another in Excel Automatically

This tutorial demonstrates how to copy data from one cell to another automatically in Excel.


auto copy cell


Copy Data Automatically

In Excel, you can automatically copy data from one cell to another by using a formula. Say you want to automatically copy a value from cell A1 to C1. To achieve this, in the target cell (C1), enter the equal sign, select the source cell (A1), and press ENTER.


auto copy cell


As a result, the value in cell C1 is the same as that in A1 (15). If you change the value in A1 (to 10 for example), the value in C1 is copied automatically.


auto copy cell 2


Similarly, you can also copy data from another sheet or workbook. In this case, in the target cell, Select the cell from a source sheet or workbook.

Note: You can also use VBA code to copy and paste cells.