Add the Developer Ribbon – Excel

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Last updated on October 14, 2021

The Visual Basic Editor

The Visual Basic Editor is where VBA code is stored:

vba editor

You can access the VBA Editor from the Developer Ribbon:

developer tab

Or with the shortcut ALT + F11.

If you don’t see the Developer Ribbon follow these directions:

Add the Developer Ribbon to Excel

By default, the Developer Ribbon is not visible. You will need to manually turn it on. Follow these steps to enable the Developer Ribbon:

  • Click File
    Enable Visual Basic Editor - Developer - File
  • Click Options
    Enable Visual Basic Editor - Developer - Options
  • Click Customize Ribbon, Click “Developer” and click OK
    Enable Visual Basic Editor - Developer - enable

Now the Developer Ribbon is Visible. You can use this to Open the VBA Editor or to View / Edit your Existing Macros.


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