VBA Range / Cell Address

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Last updated on October 1, 2021

This tutorial will demonstrate how to get a cell’s address.

Get Range Address

This will display the cell address using the Range object:

MsgBox Range("A1").Address

vba range cell address

Get Cells Address

This will display the cell address using the Cells object:

MsgBox Cells(1,1).Address

ActiveCell Address

To get the ActiveCell address use this code:

MsgBox ActiveCell.Address

Set Variable to Cell Address

You can also assign the cell address to a string variable for easy use within your code:

Dim strAddress As String
strAddress = Range("A1").Address

MsgBox strAddress


Get Row Number From Cell Address

This code will extract the row number from an address:

Sub GetRowNumberFromCellAddress()
Dim strAddress As String
Dim rownum As Long

strAddress = Range("A1:a10").Address

rownum = Range(strAddress).Row

MsgBox rownum

End Sub

However, usually you can use this much simpler code:

MsgBox Range("A1").Row


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