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How to Sort Data in Excel & Google Sheets

Read our tutorials on sorting data in Excel and Google Sheets.

Sort Data 
Advanced Sorting
Keep Rows Together During Sort
Put Things in Alphabetical Order
Random Sort
Reverse the Order of Data
Sort a Column Alphabetically
Sort and Ignore Blanks
Sort by Color (Highlighted Cells)
Sort by Last Name
Sort By Month
Sort By Number
Sort Dates in Chronological Order
Sort IP Addresses
Sort Multiple Columns
Sort Multiple Rows Horizontally
Sort Subtotals
Sort With a Custom List
Sort Without Duplicates
Undo a Sort
Keep Variable Cell Constant
Lock / Freeze Cell in Formula
Copy & Pasteyes
Copy Every Other Row
Clean Up Data
Create a Searchable Database
Drop-Down Listyes
Alphabetize a Drop Down-List
Show Only Duplicates
Apply Multiple Filters
Clear All Filters
Copy Filtered (Visible) Data
Filter by Color
Filter Merged Cells
Filter Rows
Hide Blank Rows
Hide Rows Based on Cell Value
Remove Filters
Show or Hide AutoFilter Arrows
Show Rows With Specific Text
Use Custom AutoFilters
Find & Selectyes
Select Every Other Row
Select Multiple Cells
Quick Analysis Tool
Format Cellsyes
Make All Rows and Columns the Same Height and Width
Custom Sort List with Formula
Sort Multiple Columns with Formula
Sort with SMALL & LARGE Functions
SORT Function Examples
Insert & Deleteyes
Delete Blank Rows
Delete Every Other Column
Delete Every Other Row
Insert Blank Row After Every Other Row
Make a Combo Box
Expand or Collapse Rows or Columns
Text to Columnsyes
Split a Cell into Two or More Columns
VBA Sort Array
Sorting Data in Excel VBA