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How to Change the Print Area in Excel & Google Sheets

This article will demonstrate how to change the print area in Excel and Google Sheets

changeprintarea intro

Clear and Set the Print Area

1. Click on the worksheet where you want to to clear the print area, and then in the Ribbon, select Page Layout > Print Area > Clear Print Area.

changeprintarea clear

2. Then, highlight the range that you wish to print, and in the Ribbon, select Page Layout > Print Area > Set Print Area.

changeprintarea set


Change the Print Area in Page Break Preview

1.  In the bottom right hand corner of your screen, change your view to Page Break Preview.   This will show you the Print Area that is set in your worksheet.

changeprintarea page break preview

2. You can change the Print Area by dragging the blue outline of the print area up or down, or left or right. You will notice that your cursor changes to a small double headed black arrow, and the amended print area will be shown with a green outline.

changeprintarea drag

3. Release the mouse to change the print area.

How to Change the Print Area in Google Sheets

Google sheets does not have the abilility to save a specific print area but you can select the range of cells you wish to print, and then chose to only print that selection rather then the entire sheet.

1.  Select the cells you wish to print and then, in the toolbar, select the Print button.

changeprintarea gs print button


2.  In the Print drop down on the right hand side of your screen, select Selected Cells to only print the cells you have selected.

changeprintarea gs



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