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How to Clear the Cache in Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial demonstrates how to clear the cache in Excel and Google Sheets.


clear cache 14


Clear Cache in Excel

If you have a problem with editing a document or Excel is taking too long to load, you should try clearing the cache.

To clear the cache in Excel, open the Office Upload Center. The Office Upload Center is a part of Microsoft Office installation (starting with Office 2010), and there are a few ways to open it depending on the version of Windows you have.

  1. In this example, click on the Windows button (), and in the Search box type Office Upload Center. In the search results double-click on the Office Upload Center App.


clear cache 10


  1. In the Upload Center window, click on Settings.


clear cache 11


  1. In the Microsoft Office Upload Center Settings window, under Cache Settings, click on Delete cached files.


clear cache 12


  1. In the pop-up window, select Delete cached information.


clear cache 13


As a result, the cache is cleared.

Clear Cache in Google Sheets

  1. To clear the cache in Google Sheets, first open Google Sheets.


clear cache 9


  1. Click on the View site information icon (padlock icon) in the address bar.


clear cache 1


  1. From the drop-down menu, choose Site settings.


clear cache 2


  1. In the Settings window, choose Privacy and security from the left-side menu. Under the Usage section, select Clear data.


clear cache 3


  1. A pop-up message appears asking for your confirmation. Click Clear.


clear cache 4


As a result, the Google Sheets cache is cleared.