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VBA – Create Text File with CreateTextFile

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a text file with VBA.

Create a Text File

This lesson uses the FileSystemObject. In order to use it, you will need to set a reference to the VB script run-time library.

To create a text file, you can use this code below with CreateTextFile Method.

You can pass optional arguments to the CreateTextFile method:

  • If you set the “overwrite” argument to true, an already existing file can also be overwritten.
  • Setting the “unicode” argument true, a unicode file is created, otherwise (or if the argument is omitted) the result will be an ASCII file.

In the following example, an existing TestFile.txt will be overwritten with a unicode file:

Writing to Text File

After creating a text file you can write text to the file using a single line of code:

Click the link to learn more about writing to text files using Write, WriteLine, WriteBlankLines methods.

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