How to Move Sheets in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on October 23, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to move worksheets in Excel and Google Sheets.

move sheets intro


Move Sheets Within a Workbook

Move a Single Sheet

  1. To move a single sheet, click on the sheet tab and drag the sheet to the appropriate position with your mouse. Alternatively, right-click on the sheet tab and choose Move or Copy…

move sheets right click

  1. Decide where to place the sheet. In this case, to put the March tab after February, click October, because Excel is asking which sheet you want March to move before. Click OK.

movesheets move

  1. This moves the sheet to the location you chose.

movesheets moved

Move Adjacent Sheets

You can also move multiple sheets at once.

  1. First select the sheets you want to move. Click on the first sheet, and then, holding down the SHIFT key, click on the last sheet you wish to move. This puts the sheets into group mode.

move sheets multiple group

  1. You can then drag your sheets to where you want them to go.

movesheets group multiple

Alternatively, right-click on the sheet tab and click Move or Copy… Then choose where you want to place the selected sheets.

movesheets move selected sheets

  1. Click OK to move the sheets.

movesheets multiple moved

Move Non-Adjacent Sheets

  1. Select non-adjacent sheets in Excel by using the CTRL key instead of the SHIFT key.

move sheets group nonadjacent

  1. This puts the worksheets into group mode. Drag them to the correct location just as you would with adjacent sheets.

move sheets nonadjacent drag

You can also right-click on one of the sheet tabs and choose where to move them.

move sheets move multiple

Move Sheets to a New Workbook

You can drag sheets between workbooks (separate files) if you set up the workbooks on your screen side by side.

  1. Click on the sheet (or hold down the SHIFT or CTRL keys for multiple sheets), and then drag it across to the other workbook.

movesheets between books drag

  1. Release the mouse button to move the sheet(s).

movesheets between books moved

Alternatively, you can select your sheets and then right-click on a sheet tab and click Move or Copy…

move sheets select book

  1. Select the book where you want to move the sheet or sheets and click OK.

Move Sheets in Google Sheets

  1. As with Excel, you can use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to select non-adjacent or adjacent sheets to move. You can then drag the sheet or sheets to the appropriate location within your Google Sheets file.

movesheets gs drag

You can also right-click on a sheet tab to move your selected sheets within your Google Sheets file.

movesheets gs right click

  1. Click Move right or Move left to move your sheet or sheets.

Note: You cannot move a sheet or sheets between different Google Sheets files; you need to copy the sheet to a new spreadsheet or existing spreadsheet instead.

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