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Advanced VBA Programming Examples

Below you will find a list of advanced VBA programming examples and tutorials.


Advanced VBA Code Examples  
Ranges and Cells
VBA Function: Populating a Range
Rows & Columns
Converting a Single Row Vector into a Matrix
Sort Sheets Alphabetically with VBA
Use Worksheet Functions in a Macro
Text and Strings
Calculate Acronyms from Strings
VBA Coding Concepts
VBA Best Practices
Hide a Macro
Change User Name with VBA
Modify the titlebar
Shapes, Charts, and Objects
Programmatically Draw Boxes with Code
Speak to Me
Start a Screen Saver with VBA
Get Current Weather in Excel
User Interaction
Transparent Forms
Static Variables
Determine a Variable's Underlying Type
WinHttpRequest with Login and Password - Misc Bloglines
Consume Soap Web Services
Image Control Problem - Can't LoadPicture() from URL
Search Google from a cell
Advanced Programming
Convert Matrix to Vector
VBA - Programming the VBE (Visual Basic Editor)
Environ Function - Excel VBA
Show Cell Formula