How to Hide / Unhide Workbooks in Excel

Written by

Mel Jenkins

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Laura Tsitlidze

Last updated on September 10, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to hide and unhide workbooks in Excel.

hidewindow ribbon

Hide a Workbook

Hiding worksheets or workbooks in Excel is a useful way of preventing people from seeing data and calculations you want to restrict access to or pull focus from.

To hide a workbook, in the Ribbon, select View > Hide.

hide window hide

The workbook you are currently working in disappears.

hide window no window

Unhide a Workbook

  1. To unhide a workbook, in the Ribbon, select View > Unhide.

hide window unhide window

If you have previously recorded any macros in Excel and stored them in the personal macro workbook, then you may see the PERSONAL.XLSB workbook as well as the book you have hidden.

  1. Click on the workbook to unhide, and then click OK.

hide window unhide workbook

The hidden workbook reappears.

hide window show workbook

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