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How to Insert Delta Symbol in Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial will demonstrate how to insert the delta symbol in Excel and Google Sheets.


symbols show delta excel


Inserting Delta Symbol

Excel has a few options for inserting delta. The first is to use Insert Symbol.

  1. In the Ribbon, select Insert > Symbols > Symbol.


symbols ribbon


  1. The Symbol box will appear. You can resize the box if you want to see more symbols by dragging the bottom right hand corner of the box.


symbols insert symbol


  1. With the Font on (normal text), use the drop-down list on the right to change the subset from Basic Latin to Greek and Coptic.


symbols change subset


  1. Click on the delta symbol and click on Insert.


symbols insert delta


  1. Click Close to close the Symbol box and return to Excel.


symbols insert delta symbol


For lowercase delta (δ), follow the same steps, but choose Greek Small Letter Delta in Step 4.

Insert Delta With Alt Code

Another way to insert a delta symbol is to use a shortcut.

Hold down the Alt key, then type ALT + 30, to insert the delta (Δ) symbol into Excel. For lowercase delta, type ALT + 235.


symbol insert delta alt


Insert Delta With Symbol Font

You can also insert delta into Excel by changing the Font to Symbol and then type the letter D into a cell.

  1. In the Ribbon, select Home > Font and then select Symbol from the Font drop-down box.


symbol insert ribbon symbol font


  1. Type the letter D into your required cell. (A lowercase d inserts a lowercase delta symbol.)


symbols insert delta symbol font


You can insert many other types of symbols using these methods.

Inserting Delta Symbol – Google Sheets

Insert Delta With Alt Code

The Alt code works the same in Google Sheets as it does in Excel. The secret is to be in Edit mode in the cell before pressing the Alt key.

  1. Select the cell where the delta symbol needs to be placed.
  2. Press F2 to enter Edit mode.
  3. Press ALT + 30 (ALT + 235 for lowercase) to enter delta into the cell.


symbols insert delta alt


Special Characters

Google Sheets does not have a symbol function. Google Documents, however, does. If you wish to insert symbols such as delta into Google Sheets, open a Google document and copy and paste from that document into the Google sheet.

  1. In the File menu, select New > Document.


symbols insert google doc


A new tab will open in the browser showing a new Google document.

  1. In the Insert Menu, select Special characters.


symbols insert google doc special characters


You can select from several categories in the drop-down box, such as Symbol, Emoji, Punctuation, etc.


symbols insert google doc list


  1. Select Symbol in the left-hand drop down-box, and then select Geometric Shapes in the right hand box (Math for lowercase).


symbols insert delta google sheets


  1. Click on the delta symbol to insert the symbol into the Google document.
  2. Click the close button to close the Insert special characters box.
  3. Highlight the symbol with your mouse and then press CTRL + C to copy the symbol.
  4. Switch back to the Google sheet and press CTRL + V to paste the symbol.