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How to Recover a Deleted Sheet in Excel & Google Sheets

This tutorial demonstrates how to recover a deleted sheet in Excel.


recover deleted sheet 6


Recover a Deleted Sheet in Excel

Let’s say that you deleted a worksheet in the active workbook and now you want to restore it (in this example sheet 2). To do that follow the next steps:


recover deleted sheet 1


1. As soon as you notice that you deleted the sheet, click on the close button to close the entire workbook.


recover deleted sheet 2


2. After that the pop-up window will open. In it, click on the Don’t Save option.


recover deleted sheet 4


3. After this, go to the location where you originally saved your file and re-open it.


recover deleted sheet 5


After you open the workbook the deleted file will appear again in it.


recover deleted sheet 1


Note: The best way to apply this method is immediately after you delete the sheet because if you make any changes to the workbook after the deletion of the sheet they won’t be saved.