How to Insert Plus or Minus Sign in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on August 10, 2022

This tutorial demonstrates how to insert plus or minus sign in Excel and Google Sheets.


plus minus sign 3


Insert the Plus or Minus Sign

Say you have the following data with Product name in Column B and you want a Price range in Column C. You can represent a range using the plus–minus symbol (±).


plus minus sign 4


Note: You can only insert a symbol in one cell at a time. After that, you can copy the symbol to the rest of the cells in the range. If you do this often, you might want to automate the insertion with a VBA loop.

  1. Select the first cell where you want to insert a plus or minus sign (e.g., C2). Then, in the Ribbon, go to Insert > Symbol.


plus minus sign 1


  1. In the Symbol window (1) choose Latin-1 Supplement from the Subset drop-down list. Then (2) select the plus or minus symbol and (3) click Insert, then (4) Cancel.


plus minus sign 2


As a result, the plus–minus symbol is added to the selected cell.


plus minus sign 3


Insert Plus–Minus in Google Sheets

Unfortunately, Google Sheets doesn’t offer a way to insert a symbol directly from its menu, but you can copy the symbol from Excel or Google Docs and then paste it to your spreadsheet.

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