VBA Call / Run Sub From another Subroutine

Written by

Mel Jenkins

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Steve Rynearson

Last updated on December 23, 2021

This tutorial will teach you how to call a sub procedure from within another sub procedure in VBA

It is very useful to write code that can be used repetitively, and called from multiple sub procedures in your project – it can save an enormous amount of time and makes the VBA code far more efficient.

Running a Sub Procedure from another Sub Procedure

Consider the 3 Sub Procedures below:

Sub TestRoutine()
End Sub
Sub RunRoutine1()
   MsgBox "Good Morning"
End Sub
Sub RunRoutine2()
   MsgBox "Today's date is " & Format(Date, "mm/dd/yyyy")
End Sub

If we run the Sub Procedure – TestRoutine – it will call RunRoutine1 and RunRoutine2 and 2 message boxes will appear.

vba run subs

There is no limit to the number of Sub Procedures you can call from another Sub Procedure.

Using the Call Statement

You can also use the Call Statement in front of the procedure name, to make your code easier to read.   However, it has no effect whatsoever on how the code is run or stored.

Sub TestRoutine() 
   Call RunRoutine1 
   Call RunRoutine2 
End Sub

vba run subs call

Calling a Sub with Arguments

It is also possible to call a sub with arguments

Sub TestRoutine() 
   RunRoutine1 ("Melanie")
   RunRoutine2 ("Have a lovely Day")
End Sub
Sub RunRoutine1(strName as String) 
   MsgBox "Good Morning " & " & strName
End Sub
Sub RunRoutine2(strMessage as String ) 
   MsgBox "Today's date is " & Format(Date, "mm/dd/yyyy")  & VbCrLf & strMessage
End Sub

vba run sub parameters

Calling a Sub with Named Arguments

If you name your arguments, you don’t have to pass them in the same order to your sub routines.

Sub TestRoutine() 
   RunRoutine1 strGreeting:="How are you?", strName:="Melanie"
End Sub
Sub RunRoutine1(strName as String, strGreeting as string  
MsgBox "Good Morning " & " & strName & vbCrLf & strGreeting 
End Sub

vba run sub multi parameters


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