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How to Use the Watch Window in Excel

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Watch Window in Excel.


watch window 13


Add Cells to Watch Window

In Excel, with the Watch Window feature, you can select cells and watch for changes in their formulas. This is helpful when you are working with large data sets, because you can easily inspect cells without the need to repeatedly scroll through your worksheet or go to different parts of it. You can add as many cells as you want to the Watch Window, but the more you add the slower the workbook will be.

Say you have sales data (B2:G10) and you want to keep track of the total sales amount. To add that cell to Watch Window, follow these steps:

  1. First, select the cell you want to add on the Watch Window list (in this example G10), in the Ribbon, go to Formulas, and click on Watch Window.


watch window 1


On a Mac, open the Watch Window first, and then select the cells you want to watch.

  1. After that the Watch Window will open. To add a cell to the list, click on Add Watch…


watch window 2


  1. In Add Watch window click on Add.


watch window 3


As a result, the cell is added to the list.


watch window 5


Multiple Sheets

The Watch Window feature allows you to add cells from different sheets within the same workbook.

  1. Select the cell from the first sheet. In the Ribbon, (2) go to Formulas and (3) click on Watch Window, then (4) Add Watch…


watch window 11


  1. To add the cell to the list press Add.


watch window 12


  1. Now, to add cells from another worksheet, (1) click on the other sheet, (2) select the cell you want to add, and (3) click on Add Watch…


watch window 8


  1. After this just click Add in Add Watch window.


watch window 9


As a result, the cells from different worksheets are on the list.


watch window 10


Delete Cells From Watch Window

To delete cells from the Watch Window, click on the cell to select it (to select more cells press SHIFT + Down Arrow) and press Delete Watch.


watch window 7

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