Use Conditional Formatting With Checkbox in Excel & Google Sheets

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Last updated on March 1, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to use conditional formatting with a checkbox control in Excel and Google Sheets.


formatcheckbox intro


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Conditional Formatting With Checkbox

About Linked Checkboxes

In Excel, you can use a checkbox to control whether a conditional formatting rule is applied. For the following example, you have the data below in Column B and a checkbox for each name in Column C. Each checkbox must be linked to a cell in Column D.


formatcheckboxes linked checkboxes


When you click a checkbox that is linked to a cell, the value in the cell changes to either TRUE or FALSE.


formatcheckbox linked


If you do not want to see the TRUE / FALSE values, change the font color to white.


formatcheckbox font white


Now, say you want the background color of a name in Column B depending on whether it’s checked (i.e., the value is TRUE).

Change Cell Color With Checkbox

Create a conditional formatting rule for the range containing the names (B3:B10) to add a fill color to a cell when its checkbox is checked. Since the first checkbox is linked to cell D2, this cell’s value is TRUE if the checkbox is checked, and FALSE if it’s unchecked. You’ll use the value of cell D2 as the determinant for the conditional formatting rule.

  1. Select the list of names and then, in the Ribbon, go to Home > Conditional Formatting > New Rule.


formatcheckbox ribbon


  1. From the Rule Type list, (1) choose Use a formula to determine which cells to format. This gives you a formula box under Edit the Rule Description. (2) In the box, enter:

Ensure that the $ is only on the column reference and not on the row reference. This is known as a mixed reference.
Then (3) click Format.


formatcheckbox newrule


  1. In the Format Cells window, choose a color (e.g., light blue) and click OK.


conditional formatting with checkbox 3


  1. That takes you back to the New Formatting Rule window. Click OK.


formatcheckbox createrule


  1. Now, when you check the box next to each name, that name cell’s background turns light blue.


formatcheckbox final


Note: Also learn about using checkboxes with VBA.

Conditional Formatting With Checkbox in Google Sheets

The process is similar in Google Sheets.

  1. Insert a checkbox next to each name in your Google Sheet. You do not have to associate a checkbox in Google Sheets with a cell; linking happens automatically.
  2. Select the data range and in the Menu, go to Format > Conditional formatting.


formatcheckbox gs menu


  1. In the Conditional format rules window on the right, (1) choose Custom formula is and (2) enter the formula:

Note that, unlike in Excel, this formula references the cell containing the checkbox.
For the Formatting style, (3) click Fill color, (4) choose the background color (i.e., light blue), and (5) click Done.


formatcheckbox gs create rule


As in Excel, when you check the box next to each name, that name cell’s background turns light blue.


formatcheckbox gs result

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