How to Delete Hidden Rows and Columns in Excel

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Last updated on February 6, 2023

This tutorial demonstrates how to delete hidden rows and columns in Excel.


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Delete Hidden Rows and Columns

There are several ways to delete entire rows and/or columns in Excel, but sometimes the cells you want to remove are hidden. To delete hidden rows and columns in your file, use the Document Inspector. Say you have the following data set with Rows 5 and 8 and Column D hidden.


hidden rows columns hidden


  1. In the Ribbon, go to File > Info.


delete hidden rows 1


  1. In the Info window, click Check for Issues and choose Inspect Document.


delete hidden rows 2


  1. You get a warning that you have to save before checking. Click Yes to confirm.


delete hidden rows 3


  1. In the Document Inspector window, scroll down and make sure that the Hidden Rows and Columns option is checked, and then click Inspect.


hidden rows columns document inspector


  1. You can see the total number of hidden rows and columns. Click Remove All to delete them and Close the window.


hidden rows columns remove


As a result, Rows 5 and 8 and Column D, which were hidden, are now deleted from the worksheet.


hidden rows columns result


Note: You can also use VBA code to delete rows and columns.

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