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How to Change Document Properties in Excel

This tutorial demonstrates how to change a document’s properties in Excel.


document properties 12


Change Document Properties

Whenever you open up a blank workbook, some document properties are created. Document properties, also known as metadata, are bits of information that describe and identify a workbook. Document properties include details such as title, subject, author, manager, company, category, keywords (also called tags), and comments. If you include document properties for your files, it helps you organize and identify them later.

View Properties

  1. In the Ribbon, go to the File tab and in the drop-down menu, click on the Info.


document properties 1


  1. The Info page appears. On the right side of the page, you can see Properties.


document properties 2


  1. At the bottom of the list, there is a Show All Properties button. To show more properties options just click on it.


document properties 8


As a result, a list of all document properties, shown below, is displayed.


document properties 9


To add or change the author, see this tutorial. Below, see how to add a title and manager to your workbook.

Add Workbook Title

One editable property is the Title. To change the title of the workbook, just place the cursor in the Title box and type the title name. When done, just click outside of the box.


document properties 4


Specify the Manager

The Manager is another property you might need to edit. To do that, just place the cursor in the Manager box and type the name.


document properties 5


Another way to add a manager name is to click on the Address Book icon next to Specify and to choose the person from your address book.


document properties 13


As a result, the manager’s name is now a part of the file’s metadata.


document properties 6

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