How to Save an Excel File (.xlsx) or Google Sheet as CSV

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This tutorial demonstrates how to save an Excel file (.xlsx) or Google Sheets as a CSV file.

save excel file as csv

Save an Excel File as CSV

Excel files and CSV files have similarities and differences. There are several reasons you might want to convert an Excel file.

  1. In the Ribbon, go to File > Save a Copy (or Save as).

excel save as csv

  1. In the new window, on the right side, choose the CSV (Comma delimited (*.csv)) file format and click Save.
    Tip: If you have special or foreign-language characters in the file, the best solution is to use UTF-8 for the CSV file. This way, special characters from Excel remain the same in CSV format.

excel save as csv 2

As a result, the CSV file is saved in the same folder as the Excel file.

save excel file as csv

Save Excel Range as CSV

This code will export a range to CSV.

Use the CallExport Sub to define the range to export and the name of the text file that you’re saving to:

Sub CallExport()

  Call ExportRange(Sheet1.Range("A1:C20"), "C:mark.txt", ",")

End Sub

You’ll need to add this function to your code module as well:

Function ExportRange(WhatRange As Range, _
         Where As String, Delimiter As String) As String

  Dim HoldRow As Long    'test for new row variable
  HoldRow = WhatRange.Row

  Dim c As Range

  'loop through range variable
  For Each c In WhatRange
    If HoldRow <> c.Row Then
      'add linebreak and remove extra delimeter
      ExportRange = Left(ExportRange, Len(ExportRange) - 1) _
                          & vbCrLf & c.Text & Delimiter
        HoldRow = c.Row
        ExportRange = ExportRange & c.Text & Delimiter
    End If
Next c

'Trim extra delimiter
ExportRange = Left(ExportRange, Len(ExportRange) - 1)

'Kill the file if it already exists
If Len(Dir(Where)) > 0 Then
    Kill Where
End If

Open Where For Append As #1    'write the new file
Print #1, ExportRange
Close #1
End Function


Save a Google Sheets File as CSV

You can also save a Google Sheets file in CSV format. In the Menu, go to File > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet).

google sheets save as csv

As a result, a new CSV file is downloaded with data from the current Google sheet.

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