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Easily Create Beautiful Guage Charts

excel gauge chart builder

What is the Gauge Chart Builder?

The Gauge Chart Builder is an add-in for Microsoft Excel.

It's a simple .xlam file - no installation is required (If you can open an Excel workbook, you can use the add-in)

The Gauge Chart Builder allows you to build complex gauge charts in minutes using its simple interface.

The charts are built using standard Excel charts, allowing anyone to edit them once they are created.

gauge chart types

Step 1. Select Chart Type

Choose from one of 7 beautiful Gauge chart templates.

Step 2. Customize the Chart

Virtually everything is customizable! Easily, Customize your chart to look exactly how you want.

gauge chart builder options
gauge chart

Step 3. Insert the Chart and Edit if Necessary

Then, simply insert the chart into your workbook.

The chart can be moved or edited just like any Excel chart.

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What's Included

7 Chart Templates

Gauge + Dial

Gauge + Dial + Target

Double Gauge (Color Changing)

Gauge + Multi-colored Steps (KPI)

Simple Gauge

Circular Simple Gauge

Double Gauge + Dial


Style Presets

5 Style Presets

9 Color Palettes

Customizable Elements

Zones (Descriptions, Color, Size)

Dial Size

Target Label

Gauge Rotation

Gauge Size

Chart Thickness

& More

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Gauge Chart Builder

  • 7 Ready-to-use Gauge Chart Templates
  • 5 Style Presets
  • 9 Color Palettes
  • Fully Customizable Elements
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FAQ and Other Information

Will this work on my computer?

The add-in will work on all PC (not Mac) versions of Excel.

No installation is required (The add-in is a simple .xlam file), so it will work in all office environments that allow macro enabled workbooks.


Do I need to install anything?

No. This is a simple .xlam (just like an Excel workbook). No installation is required.


Can I edit the charts after I create them?

Yes, the created charts are Excel charts that can be edited using Excel's chart editing tools. Anyone can edit the charts. The add-in is not required to edit or view the charts!

Join the Satisfied Professionals Who Use Our Products

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Steve Rynearson: Creator of Gauge Chart Add-in

This add-in is backed by a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If the add-in doesn't meet your needs for any reason I will grant a full refund.