Welcome to Automate Excel! Automate Excel has been one of the top resources for Microsoft Excel since 2004. As of March 2016, the site is undergoing massive upgrades. We are updating (or removing) outdated information and adding tons of new content.

Excel and VBA Automation Services

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Excel Tutorials

Here is some of the great content currently available:
Detailed Information for 150+ Excel Functions
Massive List of VBA Sample Code
List of all 200+ Excel Shortcuts
List of common Excel formulas for a variety of tasks

and this is the great content we have in development:
Excel Shortcut Trainer – A (100% free) fully immersive Excel trainer designed to make you a shortcut expert.
Free Online Excel Tutorails – Everything from the basics
Our Excel “Boot Camp” – A self-paced, fully immersive Excel Tutorial. Learn Excel directly from an Excel Spreadsheet with automatically graded exercises. Hands-down the fastest way to learn Excel.

Also, check out some of our other content:
Advanced Excel Skills
Basics of Excel
Data analysis Tools
Excel Formatting
Excel / VBA Games
Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks
Templates Addins
XML Services