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Are you looking for a way to integrate a web service with VBA? Download the unsupported Microsoft Office XP Web Services Toolkit 2.0 or Microsoft Office 2003 Web Services Toolkit 2.01

After doing so myself, I went browsing this Xmethods list for a public web service and found the Random Bushism Web Service. Now my goal was to create a Macro that would display a message box with a random “Bushism” in it, using the Web Services Toolkit.


Some notes if you would like to try it yourself…

1. If you haven’t done so already, install the Web Services Toolkit.

2. Open Excel.

3. Open the Visual Basic Editor(Alt + F11).

4. Click the new option on your Tools menu – “Web Service References…”


5. In your newly opened Toolkit Form click the “Web Service URL” radio button and enter this address: http://greg.froh.ca/fun/random-bushism/soap/?wsdl


6. Click the search button.

7. Hopefully it has found the Bushism web service and listed it in the “Search Results” box. Place a checkmark to select the web service and click the “Add Button”.


8. Insert a module. Your Editor should now look something like this:


9. Add this code to your module, sprinkle with error handling if desired, run or call the GetRandomBushism Macro:

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