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차트에서 격자선 제거 – Excel 및 Google 스프레드시트

This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove gridlines on graphs in Excel and Google Sheets.

Remove Gridlines in Excel

Starting with your Graph

We’ll start with the below dataset. As you can see, the default for this graph shows horizontal gridlines.

Starting Graph to Remove Major Gridlines in Excel


Removing Gridlines

  1. Click on Graph
  2. Select + Sign in top right of graph
  3. Uncheck Gridlines

Uncheck Gridlines on Chart Graph in Excel


Final Graph without Gridlines

Your can see the final graph after removing the gridlines.

Final Graph without Gridlines in Chart Excel


Remove Gridlines in Google Sheets

Starting with your Data

We’ll use the same data in Google Sheets as we did in Excel

Starting Graph in Google Sheets to Remove Major Gridlines


  1. Right click on the graph
  2. Select Gridlines and ticks
  3. Select Vertical Axis

Remove Gridlines in Google Sheets on Charts and Graphs


4. Uncheck Major Gridlines

Uncheck Major Gridlines in Graphs and Charts in Google Sheets


Final Graph without Gridlines

Final Graph without Gridlines on Chart in Google Sheets