Navigation Tools

Navigating VBA projects can become very tedious as code size increases.

With that in mind, AutoMacro contains several tools for quickly navigating VBA projects:

Back and Forward Buttons

vba code tools back forward

The Back button allows you to go back to the previous code location. The Forward button returns to the original code location.

The commands store your code position history, allowing you to jump back/forward several code positions.


vba code tools bookmarks

Bookmarks are used to save code positions in a VBA Project.

Use the shortcut CTRL + ~ to create a bookmark:

vba code tools bookmarks before after

and the shortcuts CTRL + 1 and CTRL + 2 to "jump" to the previous or next bookmarks:

vba code tools bookmarks toggle

Close All Windows

vba code tools close all windows

Quickly close either all windows or all windows except the active window with these two buttons.

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