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VBA DateAdd Function

DateAdd Description

The VBA DateAdd Function allows you to add (or subtract) days, months, years, hours, quarters, etc. to Dates or Times.

Simple DateAdd Examples

Here is a simple DateAdd example:

This code will add 20 days (indicated by “d”) to the date 4/1/2021:

vba dateadd function

Instead, we can change the Interval argument from “d” to “m” to add 20 months to the date 4/1/2021:

vba dateadd months

Instead of displaying the date in a message box, we can assign it to a variable:

DateAdd Syntax

In the VBA Editor, you can type  “DateAdd(” to see the syntax for the DateAdd Function:

vba dateadd syntax

The DateAdd function contains 3 arguments:

Interval: Time unit (Days, Months, Years, etc.). Enter as string. (ex. “m” for Month)

Setting Description
yyyy Year
q Quarter
m Month
y Day of Year
d Day
w Weekday
ww Week
h Hour
n Minute
s Second

Number: Numeric value representing the number of time units to add. (ex. 20 to add 20 units)

Date: Initial Date. See next section.

Examples of Excel VBA DateAdd Function

Referencing Dates

To start, we will demonstrate different ways to reference dates using the VBA DateAdd Function.

Each of these DateAdd functions produce the same result:

Or you can reference a cell containing a date:

dateadd function cellvalue

Or create and reference a date variable:

Add or Subtract Dates

We have already shown you how to add to a date:

You can subtract from dates by using a negative number (ex. -20 instead of 20):

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Adding Different Units of Time




Day of Year




Add to Today

These examples will add units of time to today using the Date Function.


Adding and Subtracting Time

The DateAdd function also works with Times.  Here are a few examples of adding (or subtracting) time to a time:


This example will add 2 hours to a time:


This example will subtract 120 minutes from the Current Time:


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Formatting Dates

When dates (or times) are displayed in Excel, UserForms, or Messageboxes, you should indicate how the dates should be displayed by using the Format Function.  We’ve included a few examples below:


vba dates