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Last updated on February 22, 2023

Get Weather Using VBA

weather1I was just browsing the article 15 things you can do with RSS and noticed that WunderGround provides an RSS feed for weather (the option is available after doing a search).

Knowing that RSS is consumable with Excel (XML versions), I whipped up a barebones* example of getting the current and daily forecasted weather into Excel.

You can download the Weather Spreadseet here.

Simply enter a City and State and hit the “Get Weather” button. If the inputs are valid, your spreadsheet will return data looking something like this:


Looks like possible rain for the running of the derby today 😉

*This is a barebones example to demonstrate how to get weather into Excel. I included only an “On Error Resume Next” instead of detailed error handling, and the weather is returned as single string (ideally this string would be parsed).

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