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Are you tired of searching online for simple VBA code?
  •  Google: Find last used column VBA
  •  Google: VBA Yes No Message Box
  •  Google: Turn off Screen Updating VBA
Are you a typical Excel user trying to learn VBA, but you don't know where to start? 
Are you an experienced VBA programmer looking for time-saving features?
Features Experienced VBA Users will love:
AutoMacro is a revolutionary VBA Code Generator that makes coding easy for everyone:

Features that Beginners will love:

  • Procedure Builder: Use the procedure builder to easily insert procedures with settings like ScreenUpdating, Automatic Calculations, Error Handling, and more already defined. Great for beginners!
  • Learn VBA: The best way to learn VBA is to get your hands dirty and attempt to start coding. However, if you are brand new to VBA, you have no idea where to start. What's a procedure? What's an object? How do simply enter a value into a cell?  AutoMacro allows you to skip over these basic frustrations. You can jump right in to coding VBA without the constant Google searches and troubleshooting. You'll learn VBA much faster with AutoMacro!

Features Experienced VBA Users will love:

  • Save Your Own Frequently Used Code Fragments: Do you find yourself using the same code across multiple workbooks? Save your code fragments in AutoMacro and easily access them whenever.
  • Other Time-Saving Features & Shortcuts: Every feature is easily accessible with keyboard shortcuts. Even your own custom code fragments!

    Easily Comment/Uncomment blocks of code with the CTRL + ALT + C shortcut.

    Bookmark sections of your code with CTRL + ~ and easily navigate to the next (previous) Bookmark with CTRL + 1 (CTRL + 2).

Features Everyone will love:

  • Object Builder: Most VBA work for Excel makes use of range, column/row, worksheet, and workbook objects. The Object Builder makes it very easy to work with these objects. Simply select the menu for your desired object and then select the desired action.
  • Common Code Fragments: Features numerous commonly used VBA code fragments that you can easily insert directly into your VBA modules with a click of a button (or a few keystrokes). No more Google searches like "how to disable Automatic Calculations"!

Why Wait?

- Stop searching for code online
- Save your own code fragments
- Get more done in less time!

Easily Insert Commonly Used Code Fragments

Stop searching for VBA code examples online! Instead, simply use the AutoMacro add-in to easily insert commonly used code fragments into your module.

It's easy! Simply navigate to the menu, select the code fragment, click, and the code is added where your cursor is located:

inserted sample code


  • The settings menu contains VBA and Excel settings including:
    • ScreenUpdating
    • Automatic Calculations
    • Events
    • Error Handling
    • and much more
  • Pro-Tip: Even if you know the syntax, make use of the keyboard hotkeys and save some keystrokes 

Fors, Loops, and Message Boxes

  • Fors and Loops are essential to automating repetitive processes. However when you first start coding, the exact syntax can be hard to remember.
  • AutoMacro allows you to easily insert 5 of the most common types of loops, allowing you to adapt them to your needs.
  • Message Boxes and Input Boxes allow you to easily communication information to the user, or receive information from the user. Easily insert them with AutoMacro.


  • Does a specific Sheet & Range exist? TRUE / FALSE
  • Does a file exist? TRUE / FALSE
  • Standard start & end procedure declarations

Text, Dates, and Times

  • VBA comes with many tools for working with text, dates, and times.

Object Builder

The Object Builder makes it easy for anyone to write VBA code from scratch! 

Most Excel VBA work is manipulating objects like Ranges, Sheets, and Workbooks. You manipulate these objects by either applying a method (an action like Copy or Paste) or a property (cell value or cell color). 

With a click of the mouse in AutoMacro you can apply a method or property to an object.




Columns and Rows

1. Navigate to the Objects menu and select your desired method or property.

vba object insert code

2. Your code will be inserted directly into the module where your cursor was located.

insert object sample code

By default, the Object Builder will automatically use the active workbook, sheet, and range when generating the code:

You can turn this off and use Object variables instead:

Procedure Builder:

The Procedure Builder allows you to create procedures with specific application settings, error handling, and more. No more searching online for how to disable ScreenUpdating or Automatic Calculations!  

Beginners will find this feature useful to understand and implement procedure settings. Advanced users may find this to be a big time saver.

easy vba menu
insert sample code

Save Your Own Frequently Used Code:

Do you find yourself using similar code over and over again across multiple workbooks?  If so, you can save your own code to the custom code folder and easily access it whenever you want!  It's easy:

1. Highlight the Desired Code

vba code sample

2. Navigate to 'Custom Code' and click 'Add Code'

vba add code sample

3. Name your code fragment and click 'Save'

save vba code example

4. Click your code fragment and insert it into your module. Or... Better yet, use the "Alt Accelerator" keyboard shortcut to insert saved code with just a few keystrokes.

insert code sample code

Other Time-Saving Features and Shortcuts:

Easily comment-out multiple lines of code at once with the shortcut CTRL + ALT + C.

vba comment lines of code


vba comment after

....or by selecting the option from the right-click menu

right click comment code

Create Bookmarks with the shortcut CTRL + ~.
- Bookmarks allow you to "bookmark" a location and easily return to it later.

add bookmark vba

CTRL + ~

vbe bookmark added

Use CTRL + 1 (CTRL + 2) to navigate to the next (previous) bookmark.

toggle bookmarks

CTRL + 1

bookmark after


Every code fragment and tool is easily accessible with 'ALT' keyboard shortcuts
Simply press 'Alt' and then type the underlined letter in your desired code fragment.

Example: ALT > B > C > L will insert the code fragment 'Last Column'

vba object insert code

This even works with your own Custom Code Fragments!

insert code sample code
vba object insert code
AutoMacro - The easiest way to create VBA code.

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Just the basics for brand-new VBA users

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    Save your own code fragments


*Single-use license valid for 2 computers (life-time access)


Can I try AutoMacro before I buy? Yes! You can download AutoMacro here: . Most of the features are disabled until you enter a License Code, but you can verify that it works properly on your computer. If for some reason it doesn't install properly, let us know: [email protected] .

Can I install AutoMacro on my work computer? Yes! AutoMacro works in many corporate environments. It was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and should install without the need for "admin privileges".

Will AutoMacro work on my system? AutoMacro was designed to work on all Microsoft Windows systems (7,8,10, etc. and 32-bit or 64-bit). It will also work on all versions of Microsoft Office (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016), including 64-bit Microsoft Office. Try the download link above to make sure!

Will my company pay for AutoMacro? Your company may have an allowance that will reimburse you for productivity tools like AutoMacro. This is the case for some of our users. Ask your boss, HR, or IT! 

Can I deduct this purchase on my taxes? See this page from the IRS on Employee Business Expenses

Can I use on more than one computer? The Beginner version entitles you to a single-use license code valid for 1 computer. The Standard version entitles you to a single-use license code valid for 2 computers for which you are the primary user. 

Does AutoMacro work with PowerPoint or Word? Yes! AutoMacro functions in any program with the Visual Basic Editor. The code fragments are (currently) intended for Excel, but all features will work in any Visual Basic Editor environment.

What are the exact differences between the Beginner and Standard Tiers?

Note: These are the differences between the tiers, not a full list of the features!


Life-time license valid for 1 computer*

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    Settings (12 options)
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    Save your own code fragments


Life-time license valid for 2 computers*

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    Settings (33 options)
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    Save your own code fragments

Other questions? Contact [email protected]

What are you waiting for?

When I first learned VBA, I searched online countless times for the same basic code.

  • How to disable screen updating
  • How to disable automatic calculations
  • Copy and Paste a cell in VBA

In fact, even as an experienced VBA user, there were many simple, yet uncommon commands that I found myself searching for online.

AutoMacro solves this problem.

Instead of breaking my train of thought to search online, find the right page, copy and paste the code, I simply use a few keystrokes to insert the code directly into my project.

I also save my own custom code fragments for code that I use across multiple projects, saving me the hassle of opening up workbooks just to copy+paste the code.

For a beginner VBA user, AutoMacro is a life-saver. You'll code much faster, learn VBA much faster, and decrease the likelihood of giving up on learning this powerful coding language.