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Download AutoMacro

Important! You need to download the software version that matches your Microsoft Office installation (Not your Windows Installation!). To check which version you have installed, follow these directions.  If you install the wrong version, the add-in will not work.

Download 32-Bit

Download 64-Bit

If you purchased AutoMacro prior to October 27th, Please use this alternate installer instead.

Installation / Activation

To install the software follow these steps:

1. Click the download link above. Important! Make sure you download the version that corresponds to your Office installation (See these directions to determine which version you have)

2. Close All Microsoft Office Programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, etc.)

3. Click the AutoMacro downloaded file in your browser (see image below) or navigate to your download folder and double-click the MSI file.

You may see a warning message. This is a standard Windows warning message that appears when trying to install software from smaller software publishers. You can ignore it and click “run” or “install”. If you are running Windows 10 (or possibly other versions), you may need to click “show more” before the “run” option appears.

4. Open Excel and go to the Visual Basic Editor (shortcut ALT + F11)

5. You will be prompted to enter a license code. Please enter the license code found in your order confirmation (remember to check your Spam folder)

Enable / Disable

Once you install the software, you can easily enable or disable it from the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).

1. Open the VBE

You can use the shortcut ALT + F11 to open the VBE or navigate to the Developer Ribbon Tab and click “Visual Basic” (If you don’t see the Developer Ribbon Tab follow these directions).

1. Open the Add-in Manager from the VBE Toolbar

2. Select the AutoMacro add-in and choose your desired settings.

If ‘Loaded/Unloaded’ is checked, the add-in is active. If you uncheck it, then the add-in is disabled. If ‘Load on Startup’ is selected, then the add-in will automatically load on startup. For the add-in to function properly, make sure both checkboxes are checked.


It’s easy to completely uninstall AutoMacro from your computer.

1. Go to Windows > Control Panel

2. Go to ‘Uninstall a Program’

3. Find ‘AutoMacro’, right-click on it, and choose uninstall.


Do you see an error message?

Do you see an error messages when attempting to load the VBA Editor?

vba addin could not be loaded

If you see an error message, most likely you did not install the correct version of AutoMacro. Please verify you installed the correction version.

If you verified that you installed the correct version. Most likely there was an issue registering AutoMacro to your computer during the installation.  Please uninstall and reinstall.

AutoMacro Is Not Visible

If you open the VBA Editor and don’t see AutoMacro’s toolbars. Click Add-ins > Add-in Manager. Do you see AutoMacro Listed?

If not, Excel might be running as Administrator, preventing the add-in from loading.

To check if Excel is running as Administrator, follow the steps here.

To set Excel to not run as Administrator, follow the steps at the bottom of this page.

If you are still experiencing issues follow these steps:

1. Unload the add-in and then reload it (See section “Enable / Disable” above)

2. Close and restart Excel

3. Email

Getting Started

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