Show VBA Line Numbers

The VBA Editor (VBE) shows the line and column number of your cursor position in the built-in Standard Toolbar:

vba editor line numbers

However, there is no built-in option with the VBE to display all of the line numbers like in other code editors:

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AutoMacro: Show VBA Line Numbers

It’s possible to show line numbers in VBA with some custom code or by using a third-party add-in.  AutoMacro is a VBA Tool Suite with many features, including the ability to show line numbers in VBA.  After installing AutoMacro, to show line numbers, simply navigate to AutoMacro’s Tools Toolbar and click the Show Line Numbers button.

<<before / after picture>>

The Show Line Numbers feature is available with the free version of AutoMacro, along with a handful of other tools like the VBA Code Indenter.  Many more features are available with the paid version.  Click Here to learn more.