Yahoo Local Search In Excel

J-walk posted about a tool that exports the results from Yahoo local search as CSV.

Here’s an alternative that uses Excel to retrieve the results from the Yahoo Local API. The solution requires Excel 2003 because it uses XML and lists.

(aside, you can use all of the Yahoo API’s in Excel 2003)

Yahoo Local Search In Excel

Enter a query term, zip code, and radius, and the spreadsheet returns the Yahoo local results for the query. Download Excel Local Search Sreadsheet

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Yahoo Local Search

UPDATE I removed the Radius Field from the spreadsheet. According to Yahoo’s documentation, it doesn’t work with zip code. I also created a zipcode fix to keep excel from dropping the zeros on zipcodes that start with a zero. Many Thanks for testing Jordan.

Update 2 Daily Dose of Excel posted a version that works with versions of Excel prior to 2003