Data Types

To change the data type of a cell (or region):

  1. Right click > Format Cells…
  2. Select the category and type for the data type (ie – catergory Date and type dd/mm/yyyy)


Cells with Numbers

There are shortcuts on the toolbar that may help you save time:

  • For decimal numbers use the rounding buttons
  • For percentages use the percent button


Cells with Dates

Sometimes when copying dates they appear as numbers (ie – 40179). The reason for this is at copy time the cell has been set to display data as a number and not a date. To correct simply change the data type to Date (explained above).

Cells with Text

Cells that contain text have different behaviour to those that contain numbers:

They automatically overlap empty adjacent cells to the right (the text belongs to cell in the J column below).


If the adjacent cells to the right contain text it doesn’t overlap and shrinks out of view.


There are two ways to correct this:

1. Double click the column divider to “Fit column to size”.



2.  Format the cell to “Wrap Text”. Rick click > Format Cell… > Alignment (tab) > Wrap Text

It should now appear in the J column as should below:


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