Working with Page Breaks in Excel & VBA

remove column page breaks excel vba

In this ArticlePage Break View ModeInsert Page BreaksDelete Page BreakMove Page BreaksReset Page BreaksHide Page Breaks in Normal ViewPage Breaks – VBA If you don’t manually set Page Breaks, Excel will do it’s best to set appropriate Page Breaks. However, if you’ve ever tried to print an Excel spreadsheet, you know it generally does not…

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How to Spell Check in Excel & VBA

how to spellcheck in excel vba

In this ArticleSpell Check in ExcelHow to use spell check in Microsoft ExcelKeyboard Shortcuts to Spell Check in Microsoft ExcelHow to Spell Check Multiple (or All) Worksheets at OnceHow to Spell check using VBALaunch Spellcheck from VBASpell Check Before Closing Workbook (VBA BeforeClose)Highlight Misspelled Words with a VBA MacroVBA Coding Made Easy This tutorial will…

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The Best External Keyboards for Laptops

Keyboard Shortcuts are the key to working efficiently in Excel. Unfortunately, many modern laptops are too small to have a full-sized keyboard, making it harder to use keyboard shortcuts. There are several common keyboard layout shortcomings that are especially limiting: A fn key directly to the left of the CTRL key on the bottom-left of…

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How Much Time Are You Wasting in Excel?

Excel is one of the only business software products that can be considered universal. Excel evolved as the business environment evolved; as firms in leading industries concerned themselves with organizational efficiency, versatility, and agility, “spreadsheet” began to mean completely different things to different people. Most significantly for us, Persons Other than Accountants (POAs) started opening…

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Do Lawyers Need to Know Excel?

Excel probably doesn’t come to mind when you think of tools lawyers use. With a surplus of young law school grads but a dearth of job openings, however, a surprisingly high number of legal minds are finding out that technical flexibility is a huge asset. As firms are forced to cut costs, and young lawyers…

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“Excel” at Your Internship or First Full-Time Job

Now that the school year has ended, students are beginning to turn their thoughts to summer internships or first full-time jobs. We would like to take some time to discuss how to “Excel” at your internship and receive an offer. Of course, these tips are also relevant for graduates preparing for their first full-time job.…

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