Remove Subtotals in Excel

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Last updated on April 8, 2024

This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove subtotals in Excel.

remove subtotals main


The Subtotals Feature

If you have added subtotal to your worksheet using the Subtotals feature, then it is quick and easy to remove them.

  1. Click in the data where you wish to remove the subtotals and then, in the Ribbon, select Data > Outline > Subtotals.


remove subtotals ribbon


  1. In the dialog box, click Remove All.

remove subtotals remove all

All your subtotals will be removed from your data.


Removing manually added sub-totals

If your sub-totals have been manually added without using the subtotals feature, then you can use the Filter functionality in Excel to remove them.

  1. Click in the data where you wish to remove your subtotals.

remove subtotals manual subtotals

  1. In the Ribbon, select Data > Filter.


remove subtotals ribbon filter


  1. Select the first column of your data and then select the rows to remove in the filter menu.

remove subtotals filter totals

  1. Click OK to filter on these columns.

remove subtotals filter rows


  1. Now right-click in the row header and click Delete Row.


remove subtotals delete row


The subtotals will be removed.

remove subtotals manual


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