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Last updated on October 19, 2023

This tutorial will demonstrate shortcuts for creating and working with Filters in Excel.

Filters in Excel

A filter is used on a set of data to customize what you want to look at. A filter allows you to select, which rows of a dataset to show. You can tell when a filter has been created, by the arrows that appear at the top of the data:

Filters Table

AutoFilter Shortcut

To apply a filter to a range:

  1. Click on the dataset
  2. Use the shortcut:
    PC Shortcut:Ctrl+Shift+L
    Mac Shortcut:++F
    Remember This Shortcut:
    L for Filter

Turn on Filter Shortcut

Now your filter is applied, allowing you to filter your data.

Open Filter Shortcut

Once a filter has been applied, it’s easy to activate the filter without using the mouse.

  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the header cell with the filter (look for the down arrows)
  2. Press (and hold):
    PC Shortcut: ALT+
    Mac Shortcut: +

This will open up the filter dropdown.

Open Filter Shortcut

Filter Menu Shortcuts

  • Use the Down / Up Arrow keys to navigate within the menu
  • Use TAB to navigate down the menu
  • Use SHIFT + TAB to navigate up the menu.

Navigate Within Filters Menu

  • Press SPACE within filter menu to check/uncheck filter

Check/Uncheck Filter

Filtered Data

When clicking OK, the data will filter to what you selected, as shown below.

Filtered Data

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